Steel Deck Framing in Cedar Park Round Rock

Steel deck framing in Austin or Cedar Park is a great idea if you are looking for the longest lasting solution for your new deck. Most steel deck framing carries a long term warranty from the manufacturer, around 25 years, so that you can have a guaranteed lasting solution for your outdoor space.

While pressure treated wood, when installed correctly on a concrete footing with a galvanized or stainless steel base plate, is usually a great and long term option, the longevity of steel powder coated framing is unmatched.

Adding an under deck water containment system will only serve to further increase the usable life of your deck. The water containment system is a lining above your joists and under your decking that will direct water into a gutter system, essentially creating a dry space the same size as your deck for extra storage, a dry space during the rain, or just less ground soak to affect your structure.

The price of steel framing will increase the cost of your project anywhere from $5000 and up. This makes it quite cost prohibitive for many future deck owners, but rest assured that whether you can utilize steel deck framing in Round Rock or a standard pressure treated build, you can be assured that Creative Builds will make you a well crafted, highly warrantied, and long lasting structure for your home.

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